DBSKKV, Dapoli delivered guest lecture on organic group certification procedure 23rd March 2018.


We are offering the following services.

  • Organic Farming Training to the Farmers
    We will deliver you organic farming training step by step which contains principles of organic farming, selection of propagation material and their treatment to seeds before sowing, on farm input preparation, natural way pest control, preparation of plant based decoctions and fulfill the criteria of organic farming certification. Training can be conducted as per your convenience and location throughout India. Certificate can be given after training is attended successfully.
  • Organic Certification Group/ Individual
    Health conscious people always ask for organic products but many people are not aware of their certified products are more authentic by third party certification process.
    We consult you on set of documents required especially in small holder group certification as well as individual farmer.
    Group certification is beneficial to farmers due to very small price fetched for certification per farmer.
    Orchard management is the most important task depending upon crops grown in the field. Technical consultation, timely advice, identification of the pest and disease help save on more expensive chemicals.
  • Organic Processing and Trading Certification.
    Raw material for processed products should be from organic certified farm. One can ensure the genuine supply and apply for organic processing certification. Chain of custody maintain through out the process. We can give training and set of documents to make sure compliances as per standard.
  • Livestock- Organic A2 Milk, Ghee and Honey Certification.
    Recently Livestock certification for Organic A2 milk, ghee and honey started. One can make sure supply of fodder crops should be from organic certified source. Based on set of documents, Training and conversion period applied to get milk organic certified.
  • Organic Fruit Orchard Management / Planning of organic farm development
    Most important and crucial part of farm is planning. Once planting is done unable to rectify it.  This may leads to loss of area and number of plants. Orchard management is the most important task depends upon crops grown on the farm. Technical consultation, timely advice, identify the pest and disease with organic control measures. We are doing plan as per our expertise into it.
  • Hi-tech / High Density Farming
    Accommodation of the maximum possible number of plants per unit area to get the possible profit per unit of the tree volume without impairing the soil fertility status is called the high density planting.
    Now- a- days, concept of high density planting has become extremely significant. The available land area for the fruit cultivation has become a limiting factor day by day due to rapid urbanization, fragmentation of land holding and industrialization. In addition to the present day constraints like shortage of the suitable land, high management cost, restriction of water use, labour problems and necessity of early return on the investment, have made it necessary to think in terms of the maximum possible returns with the minimum costs.
    High Density Farming possible in fruit crops such as Banana, Mango etc
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